Catavalan Package Deal

Extra Limbs , Inherent (+1/4) (6 Active Points)6
Catavalan Longevity: Life Support , Longevity: 200 Years1
Total Package Cost:7

The Catavalans

The first non-Velarian members of the Confederation, the Catavalans are a curious blend of modern advancements and ancient customs. Highly regarded for their quick wit, even tempers, honest dealing, and steadfast loyalty to Confederation principles, they have few enemies among other species.

Catavalan Biology

The inhabitants of Cataval are four-armed humanoids who stand about seven feet tall. Their skin tones range from a stony gray to a sandy brown. Although almost completely hairless, they are true mammals. Catavalans have naturally long lives and are patient, thoughtful beings.

Cataval, The Catavalan Homeworld

Cataval is a large, dry world, with relatively small oceans, large deserts, and several extensive mountain ranges. Since their planet has proportionately less arable land than other worlds its size, the Catavalans traditionally imposed strict population controls so they didn't outgrow their ability to feed themselves. Centuries ago, when technological advancements overcame their food shortage problem, they lifted these restrictions. As a result, the Catavalan population has increased dramatically.

The Catavalans have a few colony planets, mostly inhabited by freethinkers and dissidents who oppose the divine monarchy. Although some of these worlds assert their independence, they all remain so culturally and economically tied to Cataval that any such claim amounts to little more than wishful thinking.

Catavalan Society And Culture

Society on Cataval has followed the same pattern for a very long time, since Catavalan longevity gives them a strong streak of conserva tism and reliance on tradition. A divine emperor known simply as the Monarch rules the entire planet and all Catavalans. Because the Catavalans consider the Monarch a god, his priests run the government. Orders of priests act as soldiers, tax collectors, teachers, judges, and bankers.

The newest order of clergy, the science priests, perform all research on Cataval. As one might expect, progress is slow.

Cataval is technically an ATRI 10 society, but with many curious survivals of earlier technology; Catavalans don't adopt new tech if an older method serves them well. They use steam power where most other civilizations use internal combustion or gas turbines, their soldiers fight with swords as well as energy guns, and they keep records on paper as much as on electronic storage media. Other species often find it frustrating to deal with them because of this; "Catavalan paperwork" has become a galactic slang term for "pointless procedures caused by backward thinking or practices."

When the Velarians and their colony worlds organized the Confederation, Cataval applied immediately for membership. The Monarchs accepted the faith of Scomaru Shaan, but added the reigning Monarch and his dynasty to the ranks of the Avatars. Technically this makes the Catavalan branch of the faith a heresy, but so far nobody wants to make an issue of it, since the Catavalans are valuable allies. Catavalan forces are a small but significant part of the Confederation's defense structure.